PROSKIN™ Paint Protection System Warranty

Limited Warranty and Limited Remedy

PROSKIN™ warrants the films to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for eight (8) years from the date of install. Covered defects include: yellowing, cracking, blistering and delaminating. This warranty does not extend coverage to damage caused by installation error or misapplication, normal wear and tear, road debris impact, accidents, collisions or intentional damage of any kind. The warranty is provided only to the original purchaser and is non transferable.

Warranty Claims Process

To file a warranty claim, contact the original PROSKIN™ dealer who performed the installation to begin the warranty claims process. In the event you are unable to contact the original PROSKIN™ dealer, please contact us: http://proskin.com/en/contact/ for additional instructions. You must retain this warranty card and remit to PROSKIN™ as requested to process your claim. For valid claims, PROSKIN™ will have an authorized PROSKIN™ dealer remove and reapply the film to areas determined to be covered by the warranty.


The warranty and remedies described above are the exclusive warranties available. PROSKIN™ dealers do not have authorization to modify or extend the warranty in any fashion. PROSKIN™ will be solely responsible for determining the validity of all claims and reserves the right to deny claims that do not meet the criteria as described above. The replacement of damaged film is the exclusive remedy; liability does not extend to any other damages, incidental, consequential or otherwise. Please visit: ProSkin.com/warranty for additional detail on warranty limitations and conditions.

Accept No Substitutes