PROSKIN™ Advantages

PROSKIN™ products and materials are only available to authorized installation facilities. These facilities are required to meet specific installation standards, through extensive training and continued education programs.  Each  PROSKIN™ dealer is connected through a national network where any warranty claims can be taken care of easily and hassle free nationwide.  Feel confident in your purchase that each  PROSKIN™ dealer is manufacturer supported and that customer satisfaction comes first.

PROSKIN™ dealers will use the highest quality paint protection films and computer generated vehicle patterns, to ensure that customers will receive the very best coverage the industry has to offer.  Each  PROSKIN™ paint protection film application will have the  PROSKIN™ sealant applied to it, creating an ultra smooth finish that will make cleaning and maintaining the film easier. This sealant is the first of its kind in the industry and exclusive to  PROSKIN™ dealers, dirt, insects, and bird droppings will be much easier to remove as opposed to a non treated film surface.  You will also receive a  PROSKIN™ Maintenance Kit from your  PROSKIN™ dealer. Within this kit you will find  PROSKIN™ Restore. This spray should be used at least every 30 days minimum or even as frequently as after each wash. Simply spray  PROSKIN™ Restore on to your paint protection film and wipe off.  Easy as that, you will immediately feel the slick and smooth finish on your film again.  PROSKIN™ Restore carries 5% of the sealant technology within in it, so you get a layering effect of protection on your film each time it is applied.

PROSKIN™ products can only be purchase from authorized dealers. Ask for  PROSKIN™, If it doesn’t say  PROSKIN™, it isn’t!

  • Paint protection film retains the original look of your car
  • Protects against abrasive materials such as rock chips, winter salt, sand, insects and more
  • Protects the value of your vehicle
  • Paint protection film is invisible and does not harm the appearance of your vehicle
  • Made of High performance urethane film
  • 8 Year warranty